Zogby Analytics is a research partner experienced in asking the right questions to collect your critical data. We bring our expert research experience to your projects. We have successfully surveyed a wide variety of industries, including banking, medical devices, government agencies, colleges and universities, non-profits, automotive, insurance and many more. We have extensively polled four Presidential election cycles and many off- year state and local elections. As former employees of Zogby International we are known worldwide for our ability to empower clients with information and research data critical for making informed strategic decisions. Our dedication to speed and accuracy and our commitment to excellence are reflected in everything we do.

You will get the most out of your survey. Our dedication and commitment to excellence and accuracy is unparalleled in the industry. Developing and employing state of the art opinion research capabilities, we will answer your questions and then help you determine what those answers mean for you. We have always had a reputation for asking "the right questions", and being curious. Couple this with our objective analysis and consultation and you can be assured that your objectives will be realized.

You will receive the most cost-effective, timely and accurate results from Zogby Analytics. We have never wavered in our commitment to those ideals, and will continue to be the best and most accurate research partner for you.

  •     Each effort is custom tailored to a client's needs.
  •     We are easy to work with and responsive by being proactive in anticipating needs and offering multiple options.

Our relationships are best described as collaborative relationships. We work in close cooperation to understand goals and objectives, and we offer potential direction based on extensive experience, and execute the research with close communication throughout the life of the project.

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