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Zogby Analytics provides reliable, accurate, market research services in the U.S. and across the globe(international market research). We can even reach difficult areas, such as the Middle East. Our team is composed of senior level executives, with an extensive network of connections and invaluable tools at our disposal. This allows us to bring you the most dependable, difficult to conduct, market research. Through our networks and research tools, we use a variety of methodologies to conduct our market research. We do this through polls, surveys, telephone research, social media tracking, interactive studies, case studies, or a combination or these. We have the experience to make your project a success.  


Market Research Company With Over 4 Decades of Experience

Zogby Analytics has over 4 decades of independent research experience using cutting edge technology. This has allowed us to refine and develop our process which we execute with accuracy. Then, we are able to compile the data into reports that are easy to understand, so you can look at the results as meaningful data, which will allow you to make informed decisions. Whether this is for strategic planning, financial decisions, or anything else you can use our data for.


Research Methodologies:

Advanced Research:

  • Intercept Interviews: are useful when data needs to be captured at a specific location/site, such as a historic site or busy street corner.
    Influencer Surveys: in-depth surveys used for small, specialized audiences. Such as opinion leaders.
  • Dial Testing: This is used for testing audio/video clips among audiences in real-time. The survey results are collected through a hand-held voting device and can be displayed in real-time for immediate use.
  • SMS Polls: These rapid response surveys, allow users to text their responses to a given number from anywhere using their mobile phones.
  • Focus groups
  • Hard to Reach Populations: Surveying difficult to reach populations is one of our hallmarks. Whether C suite executives or people in other countries, from London to Saudi Arabia, we've surveyed them all. Or perhaps you're interested only in respondents who need a particular drug, or doctors who use a specific piece of equipment, or adults who only use one sort of coffee, for example. Whatever it is, we will find them, just ask and our team will be on it!
  • Channel Checking: Independent third party analysis is the key to successfully investigating a company for your investment purposes. We are experts in this area and have done hundreds of channel checking projects. We understand the value of this work, and we know that in addition to needing a complete picture, you require complete non-disclosure. Contact us today for information regarding your channel checking needs.

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Contact Zogby Analytics today for information on our market research services. We are proud to be an independet market research company that consistently exceeds expectations on our market research services. Call us today or fill out a contact form. We look forward to working with you so your project can succeed!