BidenApproval May2021

In May, Joe Biden's job approval remained strong-60% approved (strongly and somewhat approved combined), while 37% disapproved (strongly and somewhat disapproved combined). Only 3% were unsure about the president's job approval rating. Our latest poll in July showed little movement when it came to President Joe Biden's job approval. His job approval rating remained at 60%, while not many voters disapproved of his job as president-39% disapproved and 1% were not sure.

Gender did not present any issues for the president's job approval rating. Both men (57% approved/41% disapproved) and women (63% approved/33% disapproved) thought highly of Biden in our May poll. But in July, the president's numbers nearly reversed with men (63% approved/35% disapproved) and women (56% approved/42% disapproved). All in all, Biden remained in the driver's seat when it came to his public opinion.

While President Biden is a popular leader now, not all voters were enthused about his job so far as president.

Our May poll presented generational differences in the findings about Biden's job performance. For example, voters under the age of 50 loved President Biden! Respondents aged 18-24 (70% approved/25% disapproved), 18-29 (71% approved/24% disapproved), and 30-49 (73% approved/24% disapproved) were most impressed with the job Biden was doing as president, but the opposite was the case with voters over the age of 50. The president's job approval numbers decreased significantly with voters aged 50-64 (50% approved/48% disapproved) and aged 65+ (44% approved/56% disapproved). Fast forward to July and President Biden lost support with younger voters aged 18-24 (50% approved/47% disapproved) and 18-29 (58% approved/38% disapproved), but gained support with older voters 65+ (53% approved/47% disapproved).

May Methodology Statement

BidenApproval July2021

Biden's popularity was also tied to large cities with more than 500K people (79% approved/19% disapproved), and his job approval steadily decreased with the size of urban areas-medium cities (76% approved/22% disapproved) and small cities (60% approved/36% disapproved). The president's job approval dipped even further with voters in the suburbs (52% approved/43% disapproved) and rural areas (36% approved/63% disapproved). July's poll also showed President Biden continuing his dominance with large city (69% approved/29% disapproved), medium city (69% approved/31% disapproved), and small city voters (52% approved/47% disapproved), but this time around Biden made important gains in the suburbs (57% approved/42% disapproved) and rural areas (44% approved/51% disapproved).

Lastly, the president remained strong with his base-Blacks (81% approved/15% disapproved), Hispanics (76% approved/19% disapproved), Democrats (93% approved/6% disapproved), and suburban women (63% approved/34% disapproved). He also remained popular with important swing voters, such as, weekly Walmart shoppers (63% approved/35% disapproved), weekly Amazon shoppers (72% approved/27% disapproved), and Independents (58% approved/35% disapproved).

None of these variables changed in July-Biden continued his dominating performance with his Democratic base. The president's job approval with minorities continued to be stellar, as he performed very well will Blacks (79% approved/21% disapproved), Hispanics (66% approved/32% disapproved) and swing voters, such as, weekly Walmart shoppers (63% approved/36% disapproved), weekly Amazon shoppers (66% approved/32% disapproved), and Independents (57% approved/39% disapproved). Biden's summer is off to a great start, but if he fails to get Congress to pass a massive infrastructure bill, his time in the sun could become a major bummer!

July Methodology Statement