Vice President Kamala Harris has recently faced some heat about the U.S./Mexican Border, and chaos within her own circles at the White House. While all the news about Kamala Harris has not always been good, The Vice President's job approval rating has remained impressive at 55% approval (strongly and somewhat approved combined), while 40% disapproved (strongly and somewhat disapproved combined). Only 5% of surveyed voters were not sure. Her job approval/disapproval rating remained unchanged from May to July.

Harris' overall job approval was not as good, but like Biden's, The Vice President was popular with many of the same sub-groups.

The Vice President did very well with minority voters-Blacks (70% approved/25% disapproved) and Hispanics (70% approved/24% disapproved); Democrats (89% approved/9% disapproved) and urban voters who lived in large (75% approved/22% disapproved) and medium size cities (69% approved/27% disapproved).

May Methodology Statement

Harris Approval

In our July poll, Vice President Harris' numbers remained solid with African Americans (69% approved/22% disapproved), Democrats (90% approved/7% disapproved) and voters who lived in large (63% approved/34% disapproved) and medium size cities (64% approved/24% disapproved). Her numbers dipped slightly with Hispanics (66% approved/28% disapproved).

Where Harris is not as popular as Biden is with women-her approval dipped from 57% to 52% from May to July and her disapproval increased in the same time period 37-41%. Harris' approval rating with younger voters aged 18-24 (57% approved/33-34% disapproved) and 18-29 (59-63% approved/30-31% disapproved) were better than Biden's numbers with younger voters in July. She also performed well with important consumer voters, such as, weekly Walmart shoppers (58-59% approved/38% disapproved) and weekly Amazon shoppers (61-70% approved/28-36% disapproved).

The Vice President continued to perform well with men (53-57% approved/38-42% disapproved) and her rating, in July, improved with older voters aged 65+ (47% approved/49% disapproved), which is surprising. While Harris's numbers are still exceptionally good, she is lagging with Independents (48-50% approved/39-40% disapproved), suburban voters (47-50% approved/43-46% disapproved), and her numbers dipped a little with suburban women (51% approved/39% disapproved) in July, down from 55% approval/44% disapproval in May.

July Methodology Statement