"There is just about one week to go and neither the public nor the president himself knows what will happen. As of this writing, the race is too close to call on both a national level and in the battleground states. It is very difficult for a pollster to get a clear message except that neither candidate has any momentum - and anything can happen."

"President Obama and his closest advisers must be apoplectic over one key question: Will he be another Jimmy Carter who fought a close race in 1980 only to be repudiated by voters in the end or will he be an update of George W. Bush who in 2004 fought an equally tight battle only to secure victory late on Election Day? Imagine being president (or a pollster) and not knowing quite yet what will happen. This is high anxiety time for Mr. Obama, not unlike the D student going into a very tough final exam. Hence the grade."

Last week's grade: C-