Pollster John Zogby: "It appears that everyone was hurt but the referees. NFL Commissioner Goodell's reputation has taken a hit with fans, giving him approval ratings just a tad better than Congress (incidentally that is not good). Football fans in particular feel burned. The team owners have been able to avoid being viewed as losing because of the referee lockout. Residents of Louisiana & Wisconsin who pay attention to football are just like taxpayers: when they pay their money they want quality results."

Jonathan Zogby, Director Zogby Analytics: "Football fans in both Wisconsin and Louisiana are not happy with Roger Goodell and how he handled the recent referee strike and the suspension of Saints' players. This is due in part to the popularity of the sport and how important it is to fans who see the NFL as an escape from the harsh realities of tough economic times at home and instability abroad.

When you mess with the product people depend on they will rebel and I think Roger Goodell's handling of the recent events with the Saints' players and the referees are reflected in respondents' low job approval of the commissioner and the notion he might be abusing his role and getting in the way of the game fans love. He can win these people back but it's gonna take some time and a low profile."

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