A new Zogby Poll of 601 likely voters in Ohio shows that 50% believe that the main source of China's competitive edge over Ohio manufacturers is due to cheap labor, while 34% cite unfair trade practices. The poll, conducted online by JZ Analytics September 10 and 11, also shows that by a factor of 50% to 22%, Ohio voters say that a "crackdown on China's unfair trade practices" is a more effective jobs program than "more government stimulus programs".

By three to one (56% to 19%), the respondents support a boycott of "China products because of unfair trade practices and human rights abuses". Similar support for such a boycott exists across all regions in Ohio, as well as groups identified by race, gender, income, and age. Only 18-29 year olds support the boycott with less than a majority.

When asked which presidential candidate is "more likely to crackdown on China's unfair trade policies", voters choose GOP nominee Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama 43% to 30%, with 27% undecided. In the presidential match up question, Obama holds a statistically insignificant lead of 45% to 43%.

The poll was commissioned by filmmaker Peter Navarro, who is presently in Ohio screening his new film, "Death By China".