A new Zogby Poll, conducted by JZ Analytics, shows President Barack Obama now leading his challenger, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney by 6 points, 48% to 42%. The new interactive poll of 1014 likely voters nationwide was conducted on September 11 and 12 and has a margin of error of +/-3.1 points. Ten percent remain undecided.

In a multicandidate matchup, Obama widens his lead to 7 points, 46% to 39%, with Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson at 2%, Green Party's Jill Stein at 2%, and Constitution Party Virgil Goode with 1%. About 10% are undecided.

Obama receives a positive job performance rating of 51% his highest in a Zogby Poll in months, compared to 47% who disapprove. Independent voters give him a 48% approval, to 50% who disapprove. Forty-six percent of all voters feel that the President deserves re-election, while 46% feel it "is time for someone new". These are Obama's highest ratings in a long time.

The President leads among Democrats 87% to 5%, independents 44% to 37% (19% of independents are undecided), 18-29 year olds 53% to 36%, 30-49 (63%-38%), 50-64 (47%-43%), Catholics (47% to 43%), and the Creative Class (53%-39%).

Romney has solid support among Republicans 87% to 7%, and also leads strongly among voters over 65 (52% to 38%) and evangelical voters (57% to 32%).

The two candidates are in a tight race for the support of NASCAR fans (Obama 44% to 43%), frequent Wal-Mart shoppers (Romney 48% to 45%), and self-identified members of the Investor Class (Romney 48%-43%).

Pollster John Zogby: "Obama is the beneficiary of a good bounce after the Democratic Convention. Frankly, it is larger than I expected. But there are some holes for both candidates. Obama needs to raise his support among young voters closer to his 2008 level as well as his support of Creative Class members. Romney is only polling 52% among white voters which raises dual concerns: one is that he is not yet matching John McCain's performance among whites in 2008 (57%) and whites may very well represent a smaller share of the total vote this time than 2008. One in five independents are still undecided, a very high number"

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