A new Zogby Analytics interactive poll of 600 likely voters in Ohio shows President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney still entangled in a barn burner. The new poll, conducted online on September 10 and 11, shows Obama currently holding a slim lead of just two points over Romney, 45% to 43%, in one of the most important swing states.

One in eight Ohio likely voters (12%) is still undecided.

The Zogby Poll shows Obama leading among all groups under 65 and especially strengthening his lead among his base of younger voters (18-29 years of age), leading Romney 59% to 32%. But Romney holds a commanding lead of 64% to 27% among voters in Ohio who are over 65.

The gender gap is present as Romney leads among men 46% to 40%, while Obama leads by 8 points among women, 49% to 41%.

Each candidate holds his base of party supporters, with Obama showing an 84% to 9% lead among Democrats and Romney ahead among Republicans 86% to 7%. While Obama has a wide lead among independents, 42% to 31%, 26% of these very important swing voters is still undecided.

Pollster John Zogby: "With 18 electoral votes, an Ohio victory is a big prize. Both candidates have consolidated their partisans and fellow ideologues, but so many independents have still not made up their minds. Younger voters remain even more important for the President if he has to offset what could be a shellacking among the oldest voting group. This is all after the Democratic National Convention and it is simply too close."

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