A new JZ Analytics conducted by telephone this past weekend has found that replacing Vice-President Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton barely changes the numbers at all in the race for the White House. In the poll of 1,117 likely voters done August 11 and 12, Obama/Biden and the GOP's Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan are tied a 46%. The Obama/Clinton ticket is in pretty much the same statistical dead heat with 47% to 45% over the Republican candidates.

Clinton brings a little movement among women (a three-point lead as opposed to a tie), independents (a tie with Romney/Ryan at 42% vs. Romney/Ryan lead of 45% to 40% over Obama and Biden), and the very important creative class (with Clinton a 14 point lead, 54% to 40%, as opposed to a 51%-41% lead for Obama/Biden). Otherwise, the needle barely moves.

The race also tightens in the Battleground States with Romney/Ryan leading 47% to 43% over Obama/Clinton (as opposed to Romney/Ryan leading Obama/Biden by 8 points (49% to 41%).

Pollster John Zogby: "This is barely a blip on the screen but Hillary Clinton does strengthen the Democratic ticket somewhat. It is not the 'nuclear option' I anticipated."