Grade: B

"I recall from school getting a C on a test but finding out that everyone had done so poorly that the professor decided to use a curve, thus I was upgraded to a B+. Thus is the saga of President Obama and his Republican challenger this past week.

"Mr. Obama didn't do anything great this week, nor did he do anything poorly. But compared with Mitt Romney, who completely bombed the test, the president gets a better grade. The former Massachusetts governor hadn't even landed in London yet when an unnamed aide said Mr. Romney would uphold Anglo-Saxon values, something the president couldn't understand. (Note from professor turned pollster: Not a cool thing to say!)

"Then, upon arrival, he said that the London Olympics were not efficiently organized - prompting hoots, jeers, and genuine Anglo-Saxon wit from fellow conservatives. Less wit from the leader of the opposition, whose name Mr. Romney apparently couldn't remember. But perhaps he can redeem himself with a great performance at the dressage events. Thus far, fellow conservative Benjamin Netanyahu is not cutting Mr. Romney much slack as he next moves on to Israel.

"For Mr. Obama, good thing everyone else screwed up the test."

Last week's grade: C