Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama's scandal-filled disaster week has cost him his majority support and sapped enthusiasm for his second term.

"As Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth might have said, this was 'weekus horribilis' for President Obama. Three fires in the form of three scandals to put out in one week. Are locusts next? While Obama has tried to get ahead of each -- Benghazi, the Associated Press, and the IRS vs. the Tea Party -- the time to get ahead of these things is, well, ahead of them.

"This looks like First Term Obama all over again. In addition to giving his opponents plenty of ammo, he is starting to see his liberal base erode. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney's earlier dismissal of Benghazi as 'a long time ago' event was arrogant. This week he has been reduced to 'no comment.'

"Seems like second terms are mainly about the arrogance and a sense of entitlement. I don't think we will see the president's numbers plummet, but dropping a few points from 51 percent to 48 percent is about losing a majority and a whole lot of enthusiasm."

Grade for May 14 - May 17: -- F

Zogby is the senior analyst for Zogby Analytics and author of the forthcoming (with Joan Snyder Kuhl) of "The First Globals: Understanding, Managing, and Unleashing our Millennial Generation."