President Obama's new economic stimulus plan presented in three domestic trips was modest, but a good start to turning around a weak summer. But Obama needs to find a way to push the Weiner scandal off the front pages.

A week of trials and travails for any president. The 'New World Order' is not as uncomplicated as the Cold War. A resurgent Russia, led by a former wrestler and KGB-operative, flexed its muscles and decided to give Edward Snowden a one-year asylum. So Russia now supports transparency? Yikes!

Iran's new reform-minded president reminded us, on the eve of his inauguration, that 'reform' must mean different things there than here. And with the shuttering of embassies Sunday in South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, U.S. officials reminded us that Al-Qaeda is still a major threat.

Back home, the unemployment rate went down but job growth was not what was expected and the numbers of Americans dropping out actually increased.

Finally, NYC cabbies are talking Weiners and Spitzers -- which is not fast food at Yankee Stadium.

The bottom line: the president's numbers are still upside down as he tries to drown out all this noise.

Grade -- C-