John Zogby's Obama Weekly Report Card is Featured in Paul Bedard's "Washington Secrets" Published weekly in The Washington Examiner

Obama has taken a strong position against al-Qaeda - as of this writing 28 suspected terrorists have been killed by American drones. He was proactive in ordering the closing of U.S. embassies and evacuating employees amid a new terror threat. But U.S.-Russian relations have deteriorated to the point where the president nixed an upcoming bilateral summit with Russian President Putin. All this while Putin cozies up to China. But for the U.S., better to be the one snubbing than the one being snubbed.

The presidential approval ratings polls are all over the place and thus no help at all this week - two have Obama in the low 40s with disapproval ratings over 50 percent, but another two show him about even in approval/disapproval ratings. Most ominous of all, a substantial majority of Americans now feel that the American Dream is unattainable. 

Grade - C-