John Zogby's Obama Weekly Report Card is Featured in Paul Bedard's "Washington Secrets" Published weekly in The Washington Examiner

To rework the lyrics of 1960s singing sensation Barry McGuire's 'The Eve of Destruction':

'The eastern world it is explodin'; seems things ain't so pretty when people get to votin.'

Revolutions are the stuff of historical romance, except that they are ugly. Egypt will get worse; Syria is already worse; Tunisia is on the verge; Pakistan and Yemen are terrible. And poor, poor Iraq. What's a president to do? This is the New World Order -- and there appears to be little role for a superpower on its downward slope.

But, housing starts are up and there has been a dramatic decline in foreclosures. And President Obama's approval numbers are up a bit , but he just looks very small this week. It's August. Play golf.

Grade -- D+