By: John Zogby Contributor

Now playing at a theater near you: Barack Obama and the Grand Funk Railroad. In our brand new monthly Zogby Analytics Poll taken September 17-18 among 1000 likely voters, the President's job approval rating has taken a dive down to 43%, with 54% disapproving of his overall performance. What is particularly striking about this new set of numbers is the dive he has taken among key constituencies that have formed his reliable base.

The President won re-election last November with 71% of the Hispanic vote. He reached 84% approval among Hispanics a few months ago but now stands at 61% approval. African Americans voters gave him 93% support in 2012 but now have dropped to 81% approval. Young voters now stand at 47% approval - but gave Mr. Obama 61% support in his re-election bid. And 56% of the Creative Class voted for him, but today only 47% approve of his job.

And that is not all. Only 30% of independents today approve of his performance; he won a majority last year. He is under 50% from men and women (45% and 42% respectively). Even moderate voters are down on the President: 46% approve. Mr. Obama has dropped among Born Again voters to just 28%, Weekly Wal-Mart Shoppers 43% and self-identified members of the Investor Class 43% . He is down under 50% among voters with passports and self-identified members of the Creative Class - 46% and 47% respectively.

The President may have a breakthrough in the Syrian crisis but opposition to Obamacare is growing and he is far off message. Only 29% feel the country is headed in the right direction and less than a majority are optimistic about the future. But through all of this, the GOP has little to cheer about. Instead of moving quickly to grab the political center that seems to moving away from Mr. Obama, the party is mired in an internal blood feud over which part of the Right is the purest of them all. Republicans are fragmented - perhaps hopelessly - among the libertarians, the fiscal conservatives, the social conservatives, and the Tea Party. And no side wants to give. Just this past week, Tea Party activists lambasted one of their heroes, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, for suggesting that a rider to a bill that would defund Obamacare will fail in the Senate. The word is "traitor" was actually used to describe Cruz, who is one of the most ardent opponents of  the Affordable Care Act. But sometimes acknowledging the reality of a situation is just not good enough for the ideologically driven. Now there is once again a move by the GOP to play fast and loose with a threat of shutdown over the federal budget impasse. This has not only not worked twice for the party, but it has also cost them terribly at the polls.

So through it all, the President may not be doing very well, but his opponents seem to be doing worse. This is a very low scoring game and the President is only weakly trickling the ball past the goal.