Pollster and analyst John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama continues to plummet in the polls, but, when compared to congressional Republicans, doesn’t look as bad.

"A note to my readers: I am a grader, not a hater. My job is to measure performance and impacts, not look for evil lurking in the shadows of every move.

“The conversation about Syria has dramatically changed from military action to logistics and verification. As the economy sputters, Obama and Congress are at odds over next year's budget and Republicans are seriously threatening another government shutdown, even though that tactic has backfired on them twice. And the GOP is tearing itself up from within over the question of defunding of Obamacare, the president's signature legislative accomplishment.

“A new Zogby Analytics poll shows that only 43 percent approve of the president's overall job performance, and 28 percent feel the nation is on the right track. But as dismal as those numbers look, the GOP's are much lower. More and more, the Republican Congress looks like its knee-jerk policies and ideology are only to oppose Obama. Thus, on his own, the president earns a D+ this week. But just like the college test where everyone does so poorly, I am forced to grade him on a curve."

Grade -- C