Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama has to finally take responsibility for Obamacare and fix it fast or see his legacy tarnished.

"Responders to this column have noted how easy I am as a grader, at least when the president is concerned. I do think a good professor is a nurturer, as well as one who demands high standards. So when a student comes to me and says his paper was rushed and he faced all sorts of problems at home, I give him a pass.

“When he comes back to me with a half-baked version and says he was bullied, I say take some more time and get it right. But when he says he needs even more time to get it right even if it takes him until after the semester ends, I say enough already. So it goes with the latest postponements with Obamacare.

“Yes, there has been no cooperation from the Republicans, only roadblocks. And there has been very little help from the GOP governors. But now is the time to take responsibility for a half-assed paper. You had time to get it right and you are blowing it.

“The president has at least won the battle over the debt ceiling and made good on his promise to issue an executive order raising the minimum wage for employers of federal contractors -- but, alas, those were not enough to salvage a passing grade this week."

Grade -- F