Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama has been hurt by slumping polls and the Russia crisis.

"Bottom line this week is that President Obama lost a little ground in the polls so his grade will stay the same as last week. Not good.

“He opened the week being forced into a corner by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, but he and Secretary of State John Kerry engaged the bear. We saw some assertion there and a successful round of talks about Moscow's aggressive actions with our European allies, who are very much dependent on Russian oil and gas.

“We also saw some tough talk by Mr. Obama toward Israel regarding cutting a peace deal, and can expect the same when the Palestinian leader visits D.C. on March 17.

“So the long term trend is that the U.S. is weakened, but not weak.

“The administration gets bad marks for 'discouraging' the IRS from cooperating with a congressional investigation.

“There are those out there who relish in giving the president an ‘F’ every week, and like it when I do the same. Just not this week."

This week’s grade -- D