Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama had another difficult week, with his trip to Asia overshadowed by Russia's aggressiveness in Ukraine and the collapse of the Middle East peace talks.

"While President Obama is in Asia renewing his promise to focus on the Pacific, problems abound elsewhere. Russia has solidified its control over Crimea and is creating chaos in eastern Ukraine, while the new Ukrainian government stands by helpless. Mr. Obama has promised tougher sanctions but Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that these will not deter his actions. Russia is winning.

“At the same time, negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority have died. There is now a deal for a unity government with Hamas and Israel has stepped away from the table. The burden is now on Secretary of State John Kerry to revive the talks and that doesn't seem likely for now.

“Meanwhile, while the president towered over the Emperor of Japan, he stood much taller over the GOP tarnished hero, Cliven Bundy, who managed to go from symbol of the rugged individual vs. the encroaching federal government -- to a racist bigot. GOP leaders are now showering to get the last remnants of Nevada dust out of their hair."

Grade — C-