A new survey project launched by a leading sponsor of alternative real estate investment programs and a major global survey research firm, shows that elite real estate investors are upbeat about the real estate market, despite anticipated rate increases. The United Realty/Zogby Real Estate Confidence Index aims to provide an inside look at how major institutional and elite real estate investors view the market.

The survey of approximately 100 investors for the First Quarter 2014 indicated:
 - 96% of respondents view the current market as very attractive
 - By a ratio of 4:1, respondents view the market as improving or staying the same over the next 12 months
 - 81% anticipate a 50-200 basis point increase over the 10-year U.S. Treasury rate over the next 12 months
 - Industrial and multi-family are seen as the most attractive today and over the next 12 months
 - Nearly one in five respondents plans to reduce to net lease holdings over the next 12 months
 - Value-added and opportunistic properties are seen as more attractive than core properties over the next 12 months.

The current set of numbers establish a baseline to be indexed quarterly and United Realty and Zogby Analytics have combined to create four distinct indices to measure the current state of the real estate market, expectations for where the market will be in the next 12 months, planned adjustments to real estate holdings, and the overall direction of real estate relevant financial markets.

More details can be obtained at www.unitedrealtycos.com