Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that Russia and China are outrunning President Obama who is being undercut by the Veterans Administration scandal.

"Normally when you are in a zero-sum game, you end up with zero. So in the face of sanctions against Vladimir Putin's cronies and a weakening economy in Russia, Vladimir Putin pulled off a 30-year natural gas deal with China that means he can thumb his nose at President Obama and the West both economically and strategically. China is angry at Mr. Obama's unequivocal stance with Japan on disputed islands and now they have a good friend with Putin.

“The president drew a red line with Syria, but you have to more than a red crayon in your Crayola box -- and he didn't. The brutality continues.

“And now comes the scandal engulfing the president and Veterans Administration. Mr. Obama appeared to be forthright but this has festered far too long on his watch. For those of you who drooling in anticipation of an F grade this week, the new Zogby Analytics poll shows a 47 percent job approval and a Real Clear Politics average of 44 percent. These are not failing numbers. But a bad week."

Grade — C-