Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama is right to take a page out of former President George H.W Bush’s Iraq war plan based on first forming a coalition of the willing.

"If you are expecting a bad grade, this may be injurious to your health. This week I see a president more in line with George H.W. Bush, eschewing pressure to be another Bush 43.

“Mr. Obama is weighing options for intervention in the unfolding [ISIS] tragedy, knowing that there are no facile military options. Just as there was no ‘bomb them back to the Stone Age’ scenario in Vietnam nor a ‘Mission Accomplished’ reality in Iraq, victory in Iraq and Syria must be partly military and tactical, but mainly political and strategic.

“Hence, the president is doing the right thing in drawing together a broad coalition involving NATO, just like the elder Bush. He will now have to use diplomacy and the power of the U.S. to persuade regional powers like Turkey, Iran, and the Gulf Cooperation Council to handle the bulk of military intervention. It is, after all, their neighborhood and a U.S.-led war is far too risky and controversial in the region.

“For critics who want to pound Syria and Iraq now: who do we pound? Who is on our team? Do we help or hurt? Who takes over to clean up the mess afterward? And then there is timing. The videos are horrific, but remember that Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in August 1990 and Operation Desert Storm did not begin until January.

“Meanwhile, the president's poll numbers remain static and unimpressive."

Grade — C+

Down from last week's B