Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama had a “terrible week” as news events and politics overtook his administration.

“The 'It can't happen here' scenario has happened. There is an Ebola virus patient in the United States. Not quite a panic but scary, nonetheless.

“Russia and China are moving closer to each other as a result of U.S,-led sanctions. And, speaking of getting closer, [Islamic State of Iraq and Syria] is moving closer to a key town that borders Turkey — meaning that U.S.-led airstrikes are not containing this menace.

And as the world turns so has the 2014 campaign. Senate Republican candidates are now leading in most key battleground states and a few are even building their leads. Talk of a GOP wave is way too premature but the president has again lost his voice and the Democratic narrative is not connecting. Plenty of campaign, war and disease to go — but for now a terrible week for President Obama.”

Grade — D-