The new Zogby Analytics poll conducted last weekend shows just how low public confidence in our governing institutions is right now. While twice as many voters (37%) "trust the President more to speak the truth" than the GOP leadership (17%), another 37% don't trust either and another 9% are not sure. Even more staggering are the details in the cross-tabulations. The President kind of wins the battle among independents 22% to 10%, but 53% trust neither and another 15% are not sure. Conservatives are far less likely to trust neither than liberals or moderates - 46% of conservatives, 18% of liberals and 39% of moderates.

Among age groups, young people are more trusting overall - 18-29 year olds trust the President more than the GOP (41% to 11%, with 29% neither and 19% not sure); and among 30-49 year olds, the President leads in trust (43% to 14%, 33% neither and 9% not sure). Boomers (50-64 year old) give the edge to the President (30% to 20%, but 41% say neither, and 9% are not sure). Voters 65 and older are evenly split (28%-27%, but a huge 43% say neither and 2% are not sure).

The President even "wins" with whites (28% to 20%, 42% neither) and trumps with both Hispanics (59% to 13%, with 18% neither) and African Americans (69% to 4%, 17% neither). But those "neither" among the latter two groups could be real trouble for the Democrats.

Bottom line: the public is in a nasty mood, negative advertising has only helped to convince marginal voters that both parties' candidates stink, and we are supposed to vote in 30 days.

When we asked who voters felt were better equipped to handle certain issues, we got about the same response. Democrats led Republicans on creating jobs (31% to 27%), the environment (39% to 18%), income equality (33% to 19%), abortion (37% to 23%), helping the middle class (35% to 25%), understanding people like me (30% to 26%), Social Security and Medicare (33% to 23%), and health care (37% to 25%). The GOP led on the economy (34% to 28%), foreign policy (33% to 23%), taxes (32% to 28%), and national security (36% to 19%).

I suspect that the GOP's wide lead on national security could neutralize the Democrats' lead on several other issues. And the Democrats have lost ground on the "understanding people like me" bonding. But the most striking numbers are the percentages who say "neither party" - a range from 23% to 32%.

Finally, we asked who voters preferred to control the Senate. Democrat's edge out the GOP 40% to 36%, but 24% are undecided with less than a month to go. That includes 49% of independents, 34% of moderates.