Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama, despite his efforts, is losing the confidence of the nation over his handling of Ebola.

"Domestically, the blues are settling in. Gas prices are down but so is consumer confidence. And Wall Street was almost in a freefall this week.

“The president has a long meeting on Ebola and announced some new measures but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is starting to look like fumbling FEMA during [Hurricane] Katrina. Yes, it is hard to manage multiple crises with minute-by-minute coverage (and rumor), but again the president was off message. The dominant theme is that Americans are scared.

“Whether they like Obama or not, confidence in the captain of the ship is not there.

“Electorally, polls in the key Senate races are looking grim for the Democrats. Ironically, Alison Grimes managed to kick both the president and herself in the butt at the same time when she wouldn’t say if she had voted for Obama. Hard to do that."

Grade — D-minus

Down from last week’s D.