Open Letter to Democratic Candidates for the Senate:

With just about ten days to go until the election of 2014, here is a riddle for you: if you are a Democratic candidate, why would you wait until now to deny you are a Democrat? Why would you seek to distance yourself from a President who almost everyone knows is a Democrat? What do you think you are going to be able to accomplish by pissing off your party's leader? Are you sidling up to a new GOP majority in hopes of currying favor to a party that detests you?

That is actually several riddles, but the sentiments are still the same. Why would Democratic candidates not want to answer who they voted for? Why would they not allow the only person in the U.S. today who can rally Millennials, Hispanics and African Americans to campaign for them? Why are they not touting his accomplishments?

Let's parse this. First of all, with so many independent voters undecided, we are not really sure they are going to vote. It doesn't look like the GOP is getting them excited either. So in these close races, the answer is getting the party base to come out. President Barack Obama is the only one that can do that. More than his own races in 2008 and 2012, he rallied young people to register for Affordable Care Act exchanges just before the deadline last March.

Second, look at the record. Millions of Americans are now covered by health insurance (no thanks to the party you are running against!) and that alone has created about 2.5 million jobs. The unemployment rate has been cut almost in half and a depression has been averted. And two disastrous wars were dramatically scaled back, thus fewer Americans are losing their lives. In each instance above, the Democrats were doing what majorities of Americans said they wanted. No American has died from Ebola, nor has the Islamic State reached our shores. Why are you running away from this? It seems to me you should be embracing it.

Third, if you are not a Democrat, then what are you? You may not be sure who the next majority leader will be, but you do know who will be in the White House. I know he is going to need you, but in what is sure to be another gridlocked Congress, I suspect you are going to need him more.

Fourth, why should anyone even consider voting for you?

Let me make it easier on you. Forget the first three reasons. Just answer the fourth.