Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that while the polls show President Obama isn’t loved even by his own party, only he can rally the Democrats to hold off the GOP’s Senate grab.

“To repeat a line I used before: I am a grader, not a hater. I assess how I see things, not what I want to see. I also have no use for electoral predictive models because I poll people, not numbers.

“I do not see a GOP wave coming in time for the November midterms, at least not yet. Can the GOP win the Senate? Yes. Can they win it big? Yes. But they are not there yet.

“Mr. Obama's polling numbers may not be stellar but they still do not make him a poor president.

“The races for the Senate and governor in battleground states are still too close and inconclusive. Too many voters are undecided. Old white voters do not like Mr. Obama and they will vote. But we really just don't have a handle on young and non-white voters and their turnout. Predictors beware. Haters, be careful.

“As for this week: Fewer Americans died overseas; one case of Ebola emerged in NYC, but appears to be contained. It is not an epidemic. Some dummy scaled the fence at the White House and was stopped by dogs. The president is not loved by his own party — just like Lincoln, Wilson and Truman. And he is the only person who can get the party base out to vote.”

Grade — C

Up from last week’s D-minus