Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama is on the sidelines in Tuesday’s elections because he is unloved and unwanted by his own team.

“To quarantine for Ebola or not to quarantine, that is the question. Or, more precisely, to mandate a quarantine or make it voluntary? Even public health issues become hyper partisan battles and constitutional crises in today's America.

“There is an election in a few days, and the results are still not certain. The president may be unpopular in the Senate battleground states (38 percent according to a brand new Zogby Analytics Poll), but Congress' approval is lower at 19 percent. And neither the Democrats in Congress (31 percent approval) nor the Republicans in Congress (29 percent) are setting the world on fire. So I really don't see any wave yet.

“More voters in the key states say they will vote Republican (44 percent) than Democrat (36 percent) — but 14 percent are still undecided (including 27 percent of independents). There still could be a GOP wave, but I am not ready to bet on it.

“Nationwide, Mr. Obama's approval is at 45 percent. But competitive candidates for the Senate don't want him anywhere near them, and that has to stink. Alone and unloved as the election approaches."

Grade -- D

Down from last week’s C