President Obama had one of his worst weeks, saved from a total flop by lower unemployment, according to pollster John Zogby. He writes in our weekly Obama report card that after losing the Senate, the president needs to accept defeat better and give the public what it wants — working with the Republican congressional majority.

"Americans don't only have to live in a world of unresolved crises. We now have to absorb the fact that the players who lead our government and political system no longer accept the rules of engagement.

"For example, when one side wins an election, that means the other has lost, accepts defeat, regroups to see what went wrong, then tries to work with the winners to get things done. The Constitution has made it difficult for the president and Congress to do radical things and that is a good thing. But it never said anything about political parties and gridlock.

"We have a president who won two elections by significant majorities, but the GOP has not accepted that reality. We have congressional Democrats who refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the other side and have mastered arcane rules to prevent GOP participation on issues that matter. And a GOP that never quite got the fact that Mr. Obama won and is supposed to drive the national agenda — by practice and tradition.

"Voters have been clear that they simply want major issues addressed and until these are, then public confidence in both parties will continue to plummet. The president had a terrible week; the GOP had a great one. I hear a conciliatory tone coming from Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner — but not from President Obama or Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid or House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

"Losers have to lose graciously or everyone else loses. We also have a longstanding tradition going back to the Founding Fathers — to build a more perfect union by creating a national community. We are all Democrats, we are all Republicans, we are all Americans. Anybody learn that in school?

"The president was saved from a failing grade this week only by a new jobs report that showed growth and lower unemployment."

Grade — D-

Down from last week's D.