Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama is very much a wounded executive after the midterm elections, but is also in the hunt on multiple issues including climate change and immigration.

"As I grade a student's performance it cannot matter to me whether I agree or disagree with his ideas or actions. President Obama still has low polling numbers, is off his message, leads a party that is disillusioned with his leadership, has no relationship with independents, and has just taken a drubbing in the recent election.

“He lost another Senate seat this week (Alaska) and is probably on his way to losing another soon (Louisiana). These are bad and weigh heavily with me.

“But he also acted as a successful diplomat in China and signed an historic agreement on global warming with China and is on his way toward implementing a game-changing pivot toward the Pacific Rim. He will be remembered for this.

“He is being firm on his intention to grant amnesty to over five million illegal immigrants. Opponents call it an act of defiance toward a new GOP majority or even an impeachable offense. But the same critics have called him indecisive. Cannot have it both ways.

“He was pitch perfect in his public behavior toward Russia's President [Vladimir] Putin — neither openly hostile nor weak. And he is ploddingly building a global alliance to extinguish the Islamic State.

“In short, the president is wounded but still very much in the hunt. He is also getting ready to campaign for more enrollments in his health care exchanges. You may not like what he is doing — but he is the president and he is doing."

Grade — D

Up from last week’s D-