Pollster John Zogby finds in our weekly White House report card that President Obama should get credit for showing leadership on immigration and the Keystone XL pipeline.

“Actually a better week for President Obama. Love it or hate it, the president's announced executive order on amnesty to 4 million plus illegal immigrants is a bold action. There will of course be a firestorm but that's for next week.

“For this week, he wins the battle against critics who charge him with being too timid and has pulled a major political coup by moving to solidify a key element of the Democratic base.

“Obama has also won a victory of sorts with the Senate missing by one vote the calling cloture on debate over the Keystone pipeline. The president is reluctant to sign off on this because of environmental concerns. Not everyone is happy with him because, well, not everyone is ever happy with him.

“New enrollments for healthcare exchanges are at around 6.5 million people, although the White House admits its early reports of over 7 million new recruits were fudging.

“And among the three polls released just this week, Obama's approval is at an average 44 percent, which of course is better than 41 percent, 42 percent, or 43 percent. Let's see what happens next week, but this was pretty good.”

Grade — C

Up from last week’s D