Pollster John Zogby finds in our weekly White House report card that President Obama is keeping relevant with his plans to issue executive orders. However, he isn’t having much impact on jobs and the racial demonstrations in Ferguson that have spread around the nation.

"Nuance alert. On one level it is never good when a major Cabinet official [Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel] is pushed out over policy differences and is quoted as telling friends that he was 'frustrated, very frustrated.' It gets even worse when two obvious replacements don't want the key job.

“Still on the getting worse level, the president issues a plea to demonstrators to eschew violence in Ferguson, Mo. and the violence occurs anyway. Mr. Obama acknowledged how people can be frustrated but it merely reveals that while the racial divide is not worsening it is still very raw indeed.

“And applications for jobless benefits are higher than expected this week.

“On the flip side, Mr. Obama is in charge. He issued — and plans shortly to issue more — executive orders regulating the environment and food safety.

“Grades are given on the basis of leadership and impact, not on ideology. As Brit Hume once asked in 1994 of President Bill Clinton: 'Is the presidency still relevant?' The short answer this short week is 'Yes.' And consumer confidence is the highest in seven years."

Grade — C

No change from last week’s C