Pollster John Zogby finds in our weekly White House report card that President Obama got the job done this week, that's his job, so no applause is deserved.

“Pity the poor guy who has to grade the president. Christmas retail sales are sluggish but the economy is growing. The Dow is down a lot because oil prices are low — and consumers are welcoming dramatically low fuel prices. The Senate Intelligence acknowledges what we already knew — i.e. that the CIA engaged in torture (or whatever euphemism you want to use) and we have a new fit about that and who we are as a nation.

“The White House and Congress have agreed on 'a' budget, though of course it is not 'THE' budget. So conservatives are angry and liberals are angry. But we have funding for our government for the next nine months.

“Do we congratulate our leaders for doing their job — even though we don't like the job they’re doing? At least the government is not shutting down."

Grade — C-

Down from last week’s B+