Pollster John Zogby finds in our weekly White House report card that President Obama grappled with several historical events this week, and ended up with a better approval rating.

"Game-changing news this week. Horrible murders of over 200 school officials and children in Peshawar that must give pause to any overtures to Taliban or skittishness about dealing with ISIS.

“The Sony Pictures cyber-attack is America's first cyber war and we have lost this round — so far. No sign that the U.S. knows what to do in retaliation. Other attacks to follow.

“The president announces the reopening of some relations with Cuba — an embassy, open travel and tourist use of credit and debit cards. American investment — particularly hotels and airlines — is right around the corner. What’s more, our new Zogby Analytics poll shows the voters support his move in Cuba, 56 percent to 26 percent.

“Not a good week, but Cuba story is proactive and historical.”

Grade: C-

Same as last week’s C-