Pollster John Zogby finds in our weekly White House report card that President Obama not only had a great week, but that it could be the basis of a lame duck comeback of sorts.

"It's Christmastime, and the Obamas have reason to celebrate. First and foremost, they are in Hawaii, and that is a good thing in itself.

“Second are the new numbers showing the Gross Domestic Product growing at an annual pace of 5 percent in the third quarter, well beyond the expectations of economists. Investment in the U.S. economy is way up, and consumer confidence has risen substantially.

“The president has raised expectations by potentially opening markets in Cuba. The American public supports the overtures to Cuba by 2 to 1, and the president's poll numbers are up as well.

“North Korea got nailed, and there will be more to follow, no doubt.

“And now the ruble is not even worth, shall we say, a ruble. This week, it is sunshine literally and figuratively for the president."

Grade: A

Last week’s grade: C-