Pollster John Zogby finds in our weekly White House report card that President Obama continues to do well in the polls when he is out of the headlines.

"The president is still vacationing in paradise and is hardly being talked about at all — let alone trashed. He is still the president and had a good week. No runs, no hits, no errors.

“Meanwhile, the GOP has fires to put out over two members of the House — one who spoke to David Duke's convention (but wasn't there to support him, just to speak) and the other who was forced to resign over filing a false tax return. Neither case involved national security, but they were still unpleasant.

“Mr. Obama's polling numbers are up in most of the polls, and rumors abound that he is opening back-door channels to President Putin of Russia.

“Swimming, golfing, polls are up and generating some buzz. A good week.”

Grade: A

Repeats last week’s grade: A