Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama is being challenged by world events and the new GOP Congress, but continues to have public support.

“I am Charlie Hebdo. The world lost 13 freedom lovers (including a police officer) in the French terrorist attacks on the Paris satire magazine and other sites this week, but our love of freedom lives.

“That said, the 'era of bipartisanship' in D.C. didn't last long. Speaker John Boehner leads a troubled Republican caucus. He mustered the votes to be re-elected speaker, but not enough to gut Dodd-Frank, the financial reform the GOP hates. Congress passed the Keystone XL pipeline and limitations on Obamacare and urged the president to sign bills he promised to veto. Just where is that supposed to go?

“Mr. Obama gave a sneak preview of a plan for free community college education to as many as 9 million Americans, a positive legacy goal.

“More jobs were created in November than expected but hourly wages went south. The unemployment rate is down to 5.6 percent.

“Meanwhile, the president's polling numbers are going up and Congress' are not. A very sad week but the president holds firm."

Grade — A

Same as last week’s Grade — A