Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama’s failure to show support against terrorism at the Paris protest hangs over him and was amateurish.

“The president has been on the offense, talking tough, rallying his old base, and his numbers have been climbing. Despite one poll showing him in the high thirties, most polls have the president above 45 percent approval.

“Agree with him or not, this is one quacking duck, and he promises to wield his veto pen if Congress (as they promise to do) sends him legislation he doesn't support.

“Beyond vetoes, he promised Senate Democrats that he will continue to issue executive orders that help him fulfill his agenda.

“I will give him a good grade because he is winning the battle for now. But I will dock him a whole letter grade for not sending a higher-level American representative to Paris for last weekend’s international anti-terrorism protests following the Charlie Hebdo slayings. This will blow over, but it was more amateurish than dangerous.”

Grade: B-

Down from last week’s A