Tonight the Battle of 2016 began. A President who will claim to extricate the US from 2 wars just launched a new one. The battlefield is less in the present and more about the future.

Will the Great Obama Coalition survive? Is it portable to the next Democratic nominee? Will the Democrats continue to be the party "that understands people like you and me" or will that erode on the shoals of new entitlements and runaway debt? Will the Democrats continue to cede the support of white working class voters or will the war on the middle class subside in favor of a new war for the middle class?

Make no mistake about it, this was a resurgent President, not a lame duck. Mr. Obama tonight was not waving a white flag to a Republican Congress. Instead, he was a man basking in better polling numbers, higher consumer confidence, and healthy economic growth. He was the man with the best numbers in the room. And he acted and sounded liberated from never having to run another campaign except for his own legacy -- to keep his base together for a successor and beyond and for his place in history.

Tonight's State of the Union message not only recalled his successes in health care, job creation, ending two wars, and expanding gay rights, it was a call to reconnect with the middle class - to provide for a middle class that has been lost in the last six years. He called for new tax cuts and credits for the middle class. He pushed for affordable child care, a raise in the minimum wage, for equal pay for women, for lower mortgage premiums, for upgraded skills, for free community college, for improved infrastructure, for continued leadership in science and technology.

He called for bipartisanship, to bridge divides and the better angels of our nature. It was a brilliant speech and he will not get very much of accomplished. Instead, he launched the campaign for 2016 by defining what the Obama legacy should be, how to keep the Obama coalition together, and why he wants to be remembered fondly.

This was a very confident President tonight.