Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama was surprisingly defiant in his annual State of the Union Address, but is unlikely to get many of goals OK’d by the GOP Congress.

“Anyone expecting a cowering President Obama at the State of the Union had to be very disappointed. Mr. Obama was confident, defiant and in charge.

“He will barely get any of his goals accomplished; presidents hardly ever do. But he controlled the agenda and defined the debate. Even more, he defined the direction of the Democratic Party going into 2016 and established a campaign to keep the Obama Coalition together.

“Where Democrats had been slipping — the party that ‘best understands people like you and me’ — he tried to turn around with his self-described 'middle class agenda.'

“New Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst sincerely outlined the same Republican philosophy we always hear in the GOP response. She did an admirable job in a tough position.

“But like him or not, Mr. Obama scored serious points this week. And the polls show it."

Grade: A

Up from last week’s -- B-