Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama’s approval rating seems to have plateaued, and he faces congressional rejection of his key budget initiatives.

“This has been a mixed week for the President. A positive jobs report for January continues to buoy him, although his rising poll numbers seem to have reached a plateau. Zogby Analytics has the President at a 46 percent approval and 50 percent disapproval — just about the average of all polls.

“His budget showed an emboldened leader ready to define his position with clarity as well as establish his legacy. This is a president who will not be cowered by opposition or defeat. But this is also a president who knows that very little of this budget's new initiatives will pass muster or even be seriously discussed by a GOP-controlled Congress. Impact? Progress? Success? Not really.

“All of this against a backdrop of the continuing crisis in Iraq and Syria. Some progress has been made against [the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria] in Iraq, but Syria is a disaster. The events of the past week involving the brutal and psychotic murders of a Japanese journalist and Jordanian soldier strongly argue for a clear strategic plan to deal with [the Islamic State]. Mr. Obama has been ploddingly building a coalition and has promised no U.S. boots on the ground. But the world needs to see the plan, the steps, the role for each country and the execution. It has come to this.”

Grade — C

Down from last week’s A