Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama isn’t moving forward with his agenda much, but is thwarting the GOP’s bid to go around him.

“The president's poll numbers remain at around 46 percent approval.

“Congress is stuck on trying to pass legislation that Mr. Obama will veto, so that body represents the moral equivalent of the botched call and play that lost the Super Bowl for the Seattle Seahawks. The GOP needs to score. They won an impressive election that puts them near the goal line, but continue to throw passes that the White House intercepts.

“Mr. Obama has asked for special authorization from Congress to defeat and destroy ISIS, and Congressional critics are attacking from both sides — too strong, too weak, too open-ended, too late. Whatever the criticism, even a rejection by Congress is not going to change the equation at all. The U.S. and coalition plan to defeat ISIS is already in place, and Congress' rubber stamp doesn't seem to matter.

“Meanwhile, some military analysts, while acknowledging the need for boots on the ground, appear to suggest that at least ISIS' forward progress has been stopped for now.”

Grade: B+

Up from last week’s -- C