Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama is on the road to another major achievement, this one the diplomatic deal with Iran.

"James Knox Polk is on everyone's list as a great president because he set four main goals and achieved them all. A lot of it was controversial, including a Mexican War that led to the acquisition of land that doubled the size of the U.S.

"Barack Obama promised during his campaign and throughout his presidency that he would engage with our enemies, including perhaps the most dangerous and implacable of them all, Iran. In a world threatened by terrorism, psychotic militancy, nuclear proliferation, and revolutionary instability, Mr. Obama's strategy is one that emphasizes diplomacy and an old-fashioned realpolitik balance of power in an effort to stabilize a chaotic region.

"The framework of a deal with Iran promises not only to postpone their nuclear plans and build transparency where there is subterfuge, but to create a Sunni-Shia balance of power to fend off a common enemy — a cycle of violence and disorder. As in Obamacare, like it or not, he is again on the road to achieving another one of his major goals.

"On the economic front, the number of new jobs created in March was much lower than expected as the unemployment rate stayed at 5.5 percent. But, as with reopening some ties with Cuba, this week saw big history in the making."

Grade: B-

Up from last week's D+