Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that in a week dominated by non-presidential news, President Obama slips a bit.

"The week has been dominated by non-Obama news. Sen. Rand Paul is in the 2016 GOP presidential race and made quite a good speech. While he got a little testy at 'Big Media' reps, isn't that the Paul brand? I think it helps him with the non-Beltway crowd.

"Former 'Everything' Hillary Clinton's campaign is experiencing some problems in some polls.

"Reports suggest that internet fees may go up, but this is to pay for hard to reach service areas, so it may not be so bad if you have to pay a few pennies to reach Grandma out in the country.

"Obama's nuclear truce with Iran is also in question as former Secretaries of State Kissinger and Schultz are skeptical about the framework, but it is hard to see any GOP support anywhere, anyway.

"And the president's approval rating stays at 45 percent this week. So the only people angry at him are the people who are always angry at him. Another day at the office."

Grade — C+

Down from last week's B-