Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that bipartisan challenges to President Obama over trade and the Iran nuclear deal have weakened his administration.

"Not a good week for the president. A bipartisan Congress dissed Mr. Obama by voting overwhelmingly for a stronger role in the Iran nuclear deal. The president is not severely weakened but he certainly didn't want what he considers to be interference. However, at least he could count votes and decided to sign the inevitable.

"Congress also found its inner bipartisanship on a fast track trade deal with Pacific nations. While the president has been empowered to negotiate a big trade deal, it will have to be reviewed and finalized (or killed) by Congress.

"A period of strong executive action has produced some congressional unity — but not what the president hoped for. In perspective, the president was weakened this week."

Grade – D+

Down from last week's C+