Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama and his legacy were bruised this week on trade and Middle East affairs.

"Not a terrible week for President Obama but by no stretch a good one. First, he gets nailed by his own party's senators on free trade and the pending trade agreement with Asia.

"Second, a key story crucial to his legacy on catching and killing Osama bin Laden has been revised by Seymour Hersh and is enough to raise questions about the official version from the White House. Asking if Hersh is right is like asking if the pope is Italian. Answer: most of the time.

"The president then holds a Camp David Summit to allay the fears of Gulf allies, but only two of six leaders show up. Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry was in Russia and Kenya. The administration is working, but the news about those efforts weren't good this week."

Grade — D+

Down from last week's B -