Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama faces "crunch time" on what to do with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and the terror group's expanding influence on the Iraq-Syria border.

"As he heads into the Memorial Day holiday weekend, President Obama is one step closer to achieving fast track authority to negotiate a new free trade agreement with Asian nations. This is one of his key goals and one he shares with Republican leaders, though vigorously opposed by the left.

"Secretary of State John Kerry held a four-hour meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose help can be useful in both Iran and Syria. Nonetheless, the Islamic State has taken over the capital of Anbar Province, the city where many Americans lost their lives to liberate several years ago, and have secured control over the whole Iraq-Syria border. Crunch time for U.S. decision makers."

Grade — C -

Up from last week's D +