Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama suffered a double whammy on the economy and saw Islamic State advance, issues that could be trouble to Democratic candidates next year.

"Such a rotten week. The president gets a double whammy on the economy. First is the report that the economy contracted .7 percent during the first quarter. That is devastating in itself, aside from what it does to the public spirit.

"Next, the Consumer Confidence Index was down again, as it was last week and for the whole month of May.

"At the same time, ISIS continues its advance. None of this is reflected in the polling on Obama yet, but it could get there. This is not what Democratic candidates need as the 2016 campaign develops. Just as much as GOP candidates certainly did not need news about squeaky clean Speaker Dennis Hastert. But a rotten week for the president."

Grade — D-

Down from last week's C-