President Barack Obama's job approval rating remains at 46% according to a new Zogby Analytics poll conducted on May 30-31. The national poll of 909 likely voters was conducted online and has a margin of sampling error of +/-3.3 percentage points A majority (52%) disapprove of the President's job.

The President performs better among men (50%-49%) than women (43%-55%). His numbers are also weak among 18-29 year olds (only 41% give him a positive rating while 54% disapprove). The 41% represents 20 points lower than the level of support he received from this group in 2012. He rallies the support of 30-49 year olds (57%-41%) but only receives the approval of 41% of 50-64 year olds (48% disapprove) and 34% of voters over 65 (65% disapprove).

Mr. Obama does well among Democrats (82%-17%), liberals (81%-18%), moderates (52%-47%) - but he is only at 35% support among independents (to 61% who disapprove) and 17% among conservatives.

Once enjoying approval of a majority of Catholics, the President now garners the approval of only 43% (to 54% who disapprove). He has also lost majority support among NASCAR Fans (48%-54%) and Weekly Wal-Mart Shoppers (48%-51%).

The President's numbers remain stable among some key elements of his base, however - 69%-29% among Hispanics, 85%-14% among African Americans, 59%-39% among LGBT voters, and 51%-47% among the Creative Class.

The fate of the Democrats in 2016 rests to a great degree on how voters - particularly his base and independents - view President Obama. These numbers today are on the border of acceptability.